As a practicing architect, Continued Professional Development (CPD) is essential in order to remain up-to date with the latest industry developments. Here at GH Commercial, offering CPD is something we have been working towards for a long time. We are thrilled to achieve this goal with the launch of our first formal CPD in Australia, and you can expect more CPD to come with planned modules for release in 2023 underway now.

As in industry leader with over 150 years of manufacturing experience through the Godfrey Hirst brand, we are proud to be partnering with Archify Education in Australia and Teulo in New Zealand to deliver certified formal CPD, curated from our industry knowledge and expertise. These accredited platforms are dedicated to providing industry updates, innovation and CPD to architects and specifiers.

Take part in GH Commercial accredited CPD and earn points today.

GH Commercial also offers in-person presentations, if you are interested in arranging for our team to visit your practice, please contact us and our team will promptly follow up with you to coordinate a suitable time for an in-person presentation.

Culture of Care

Care is the attention or provision of what is vital for health, welfare, support and protection of people, place and planet.

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Education & Flooring: Approaching Human Wellness

Discover how flooring plays a pivotal role when approaching human centred design in education.

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How Happiness Is The New Driving Force Behind Human Centred Design In Hospitality, Office & Public Space

Explore how the global pursuit of happiness through customisation is the driving force behind human cantered design.

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The Power of Fractal Design Within The Built Environment

Fractals are the building blocks of many of nature’s patterns and have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and to provide benefits to physical health.

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Better With Age - Balancing Senior Living Style And Safety

Today’s seniors are seeking housing that permits a vibrant, active lifestyle, as well as assistance with daily living that supports next-level health

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The Psychology of Floor Colours

Understand the effects of floor colour on the productivity, health and wellbeing of individuals.

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The Future of Flooring

Delve into how architects and designers complement and complete their building designs through the use of great flooring.

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