Global Green Tag

Global GreenTagCert™ is a third-party certification system used by architects and designers. It provides independent, evidence-based research on product solutions that contribute to a more sustainably built environment. Including a universal product search interface showcasing over 10,000 sustainable products, Global GreenTag features several different certification programs. Requiring complete transparency from manufacturers, such as GreenRate and Best Environmental Practice PVC uses an ecolabel system and assesses exactly how and from what each product is made, rating their overall health and environmental impact, while also examining other criteria like local sourcing, ethical labour and supply chain principles.

GreenRate Level A Certified

As a transparency program with full disclosure of product ingredients, GreenRate makes a broad assessment of sustainability and material health, considering aspects such as ingredients at various stages and conditions such as resource use, waste reduction, greenhouse gas and water footprints. GreenRate is entirely designed to support those looking to select products for Green Star® rated projects. Featuring a multitude of diverse criteria open for review, GreenRate Level A certification provides 100% of the credit points available in the Green Star® rating tools.

Best Environmental Practice PVC

The Global GreenTag Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP PVC) program is primed to meet and prove claims by manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible for PVC products and across a number of categories, including flooring. The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and New Zealand NZGBC in association with the Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA) have developed criteria for all Green Star® rating tools to recognise BEP PVC Certification under the existing Green Star® rating tools Responsible Products Framework. This certification contributes to the points awarded under the existing Green Star® rating tools Responsible Products Framework as a recognised initiative.

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