The presentation equips architects and designers with essential insights to confidently specify carpet products for diverse projects. It begins by highlighting the importance of carpet fibres, covering both natural and synthetic options. The process of fibre treatment and preparation is explored, emphasising its impact on the final product's performance and appearance.

Key takeaways for architects and designers include understanding the factors influencing fibre selection, ranging from aesthetics and performance needs to location considerations.

Furthermore, the presentation offers a comparative analysis between cut pile and loop pile carpets, elucidating how fibre choice influences the visual and tactile qualities of each type.

Fibre Significance: Grasping the role and types of carpet fibres in production.

Selection Expertise: Navigating the selection process based on aesthetics, performance, and location.

Impact on Carpet Types: Discerning how fibre choices shape the unique attributes of cut pile and loop pile carpets, enabling precise design decisions.


Australia: Watch webinar via partner Archify and claim formal CPD Points.

New Zealand: Watch webinar via partner Teulo and claim formal CPD Points.

CPD Points:

  • 1 Australian Formal CPD Point (Design competency)
  • 10 NZRAB Points (10 Design competency)

Sneak Peak

Authored date: 16/10/2023