Care is the attention or provision of what is vital for health, welfare, support and protection of people, place and planet. Traditionally, we care for each other and the things we hold dear. There is, however, a more expanded definition of care that extends to our design industry. We are facing unprecedented challenges that require even more specialized care in the face of social upheaval, climate crisis, and post pandemic problems.

How can we use design as a social practice in the service of care for self, others, community, and nature? How can we prioritize care in our design industry? This CPD seeks to answer these questions while examining the role of design as a Culture of Care.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover Nurture Culture, which fosters both emotional and physical care.
  • Examine Care of People through the lens of design that heals.
  • Explore the Care of Place as it relates to community and space for healing.
  • Consider Care of Planet in new ways that shape Eco Behaviours.


Australia: Watch webinar via partner Archify and claim formal CPD Points.
New Zealand: Watch webinar via partner Teulo and claim formal CPD Points. Teulo Ed: High Performance Building Solutions, Joinery, Flooring + Special Finishes: Part Two - Teulo

  • 1 Australian Formal CPD Point (Design competency)
  • 10 NZRAB Points (10 Design competency)


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Authored date: 22/03/2024