Dubbed the Age of the Individual by Oracle, our technology-driven society has sparked a profound shift in consumer expectations, where tailored experiences are motivated by our individual acute awareness for our personal wellbeing, inclusivity, comfort, belonging and purpose, thus driving our overall happiness.

Human centred design is transforming the design and interior fit-out industry, in response to the demands of individuals to have their individual comfort needs met. A once brand or company dominated experience is now being replaced with an experience that addresses both company and individual. The desire to emanate happiness is now overwhelmingly driving the industry.

As we navigate the post-COVID era, our expectations for office environments have evolved. We now desire workplaces that provide a level of comfort and familiarity comparable to our homes. The fight is on by CEO’s of global businesses to ‘earn the commute’ back. Workers have a profound sense of appreciation for their personal wellbeing and awareness their environment impacts their happiness and are demanding a deep need for home comforts in order to return to the hybrid workspace.

Reflecting the broader cultural landscape, our society now yearns for public spaces that embody our identity and provide a sense of belonging. Simultaneously, an exemplary manifestation of these expectations can be observed in the realm of hospitality, particularly in restaurants.

Modern diners seek more than just sustenance; they crave a positive immersive dining experience that reflect current trends, deliver delectable cuisine, and envelop them in a personalized journey encompassing ambiance and culinary offerings delivering on their happiness radar.

Shifting expectations emphasize the need for personalised experiences and adaptable designs, as hospitality and office environments strive to mirror who we are and where we live in the pursuit of overall happiness.

This presentation explores three significant trends in the design and interior fit-out industry that have emerged from the global pursuit of happiness through customisation, with a particular focus on the role of bespoke flooring: 1. Enhancing the hospitality industry's experience through tailor-made fit-outs. 2. Transformation through personalized office spaces 3.

By incorporating bespoke finishes, public spaces gracefully intertwine the narratives of history, society, culture, and the unique geography of their location.


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Authored date: 11/08/2023