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Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors combine the very best technical attributes of laminate and luxury vinyl planks. Hybrid features Trigon® Core technology, it is a waterproof surface^ product that is durable and has minimal expansion and contraction, meaning it can withstand extreme temperature changes.
    Hybrid flooring is an exceptionally hard wearing product that is suitable in both commercial and residential applications.
      No, Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors are designed to be a floating system. Installation instructions can be found here.
        Yes, colour matched trims are available to match.
          No, our commercial warranty on the product only covers foot traffic and normal wear. The product is not designed for use in industrial or showroom applications featuring heavy products where stock will be transferred over it (this would include car showrooms, large bottle shops where pallet jacks are used, big box retail such as Officeworks style stores, etc.


            Yes, the product can be sanded and refinished, however careful thought and consideration should be given prior to committing to any refinishing procedure. A professional and experienced floor sander should do the work and should provide advice for how to proceed after consultation with GH. The look, feel, colour and texture of the floor will be changed in this process, and it is possible that the floor might be damaged beyond repair. This product is designed to be ready to use, long lasting and can be maintained by following our Engineered Timber Care & Maintenance Guide.
              Head over to the product page on ghcommercial.com, click on the documents tab to download necessary certifications.
                Like any engineered timber flooring product, high levels of moisture or cleaning chemicals can harm this product. Spot cleaning should be done using water only to dampen a cloth and it should be nearly dry when applied to the floor. If this does not lift he dirt, then a PH neutral cleaner can be tried however it is important to try a small area that is hidden from view first to ensure that it does not harm the surface of the floor and it also important that the cleaner is completely removed so that residue is not left on the surface of the floor. Simple cleaning methods such as dry mopping regularly to lift dirt and dust will produce the best result. It is best to try simple and non-harmful methods to clean the product even off-the-shelf products and equipment that say they are designed to clean timber floors should be avoided unless they are professional recommended and are guaranteed against harming the floor. Steam mops and wet mops should be avoided. For more information refer to our Timber Care & Maintenance Guide.
                  Yes, with a real hardwood timber surface, each high quality Godfrey Hirst engineered timber floor board features distinct knots and grain variation, providing authentic visual appeal. No two trees are the same, and as a result no two Godfrey Hirst engineered timber floors are the same.
                    Yes, due to the stable construction of engineered timber the floors can be adhered to the subfloor or installed using a floating method.
                      It may be a requirement to direct stick timber flooring if the installation is in an area where:
                      - heavy items of furniture or equipment are intended to be used in the space
                      - a silicone sealed finish is desired at the base of doorways and along the base of skirting or other finishes that are on or adjacent to the floor
                      - ambient temperature or humidity variance might be a factor (ask for more technical advice before proceeding)
                      - elimination of expansion joint trims may be desired
                      - an area of the floor might be held in place for any reason – (for example, where items will be fixed through the floor to the subfloor)
                      - the customer is extremely sensitive to noise or movement coming from their flooring
                        GH maintains very strict sourcing guidelines and policies for our suppliers. Our suppliers agree to meet our conditions and to maintain the legal requirements to sell the product in Australia. Our QC team checks and verifies this using ongoing procedures to ensure that we are able to provide ethically sourced materials that are safe and fit for purpose in Australian projects.
                          Timber Flooring is generally seen as renewable due to the fact that a tree is natural, can re-grow, and captures carbon during its growth and that carbon is not released back into the atmosphere until it decomposes or is burnt.