Designing for Workplace Environments

In a space where people can spend up to one third of their lives, our local design team are focused on using evidence-based design for creating spaces that inspire, induce productivity and build a happy and healthy workforce.

Using flooring to create defined and designated spaces, we believe in fostering agile and adaptive working solutions that encourage social interaction and support positive wellbeing from the ground up.

From biophilic to wayfinding design or solutions for increasing collaboration and creativity, GH Commercial can bring your workplace vision to life.

Hotelisation of Office Spaces: The role of Biophilic Design in Workplaces of the Future

In this current era of hybrid work, we are seeing the emergence of new workplace trends focused on the experience of the end users.

Download this whitepaper and learn how biophilic design is turning today’s office spaces into engaging experiences that inspire productivity, promote good health and foster social connection.