Natural, Renewable and Insulating fibre

Bring the familiar qualities and warmth of wool into commercial spaces with our wool carpet tiles. From hospitality to healthcare, our Australian made carpet tiles from NZ Wool are the flexible, renewable way to enhance the natural beauty of your interiors.


Our wool tiles are designed using colours and patterns that complement natural materials like timber and stone.

  • Natural Terrain
    Inspired by the aerial view of farm fields where sheep graze, Natural Terrain sets a warm foundation for commercial environments. With its familiar structure and optical arrangement, this wool design brings the warmth of rustic landscapes into urban settings.
  • Natural Elevation
    Echoing the raw terrain of New Zealand topography, Natural Elevation reflects the organic qualities of our native environment. Its organic composition and graduations seamlessly transform commercial interiors into natural landscapes.

Features and Benefits

Enjoy the quality benefits of wool in a modular tile format that’s easy to manage and install.

Proudly Declare™ Red List Free.

GH Commercial wool carpet tiles are certified Declare™ Red List Free, ensuring they’re free from manufacturing ‘nasties’ that pollute indoor air quality and the environment, and deliver healthier carpets for interior spaces.


Beautifully Renewable Flooring

No other fibre offers the inherent natural benefits of wool. And thanks to its renewable source, GH Commercial provides a supply of premium wool carpet tiles, for any project where you want to make a natural impact.



Wool carpet is inherently hypoallergenic and purifies the air – absorbing common indoor air pollutants, dust and odours like pet smells (without re-emitting them) until they can be vacuumed out

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