Natural, Renewable and Insulating fibre.

Bring the familiar qualities and warmth of wool into commercial spaces with our wool carpet tiles. From hospitality to healthcare, our Australian made carpet tiles from NZ Wool are the flexible, renewable way to enhance the natural beauty of your interiors.

Features and Benefits

Enjoy the quality benefits of wool in a modular tile format that’s easy to manage and install.

Thermal Control

Warmer underfoot than synthetic fibres or hard flooring, and with the ability to absorb moisture in the air to buffer humidity changes, wool carpets increase comfort and reduce energy costs.


Wool carpet is inherently hypoallergenic and purifies the air - absorbing common indoor air pollutants, dust and odours like pet smells (without re-emitting them) until they can be vacuumed out

Acoustic Insulation

With its high pile weight and loop pile construction, wool carpet traps airborne noise, impact sounds and reverberation, keeping it quieter within rooms and between dividing walls.

Stain Resistant

Rather than requiring topical treatments, the scales on wool fibre means liquids and soil sit on the surface rather than penetrate the fibre, providing a natural stain resistance and easy cleanability.

Fire Resistant

Due to its natural structure high in nitrogen and moisture, wool is a safe fibre that’s difficult to ignite. It doesn’t melt, drip or emit noxious fumes, but instead burns slowly and is self-extinguishing.


Our wool fibre is produced from an entirely renewable source. The wool is shorn from sheep every 9-12 months, who feed on regenerating supplies like grass, water and the sun.


Wool, when separated from backing, biodegrades in as little as three months, and can be recycled or given a second life under our 3R and Loop programs, reducing our impact on landfill.


Sourced from New Zealand, the global leader in strong micron wool fibre, our wool carpet tiles deliver optimum high-performance comfort and heavy duty quality for commercial environments.

Interior Health

With material health the foundation for comfort and wellbeing, our wool carpet tiles are certified Red List Free through the Living Future Institute of Australia for segments where indoor air quality is a priority such as education, healthcare and workplaces.

Made in Australia

Our wool is sourced from New Zealand, and manufactured at our tile plant in Geelong, Victoria - once known as the ‘wool centre of the world’. We’re proud to support our local economy, and ensure your product will be made and delivered for your project when you need it.

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Proudly Declare™ Red List Free.

GH Commercial wool carpet tiles are certified Declare™ Red List Free, ensuring they’re free from manufacturing ‘nasties’ that pollute indoor air quality and the environment, and deliver healthier carpets for interior spaces.


Beautifully Renewable Flooring

No other fibre offers the inherent natural benefits of wool. And thanks to its renewable source, GH Commercial provides a supply of premium wool carpet tiles, for any project where you want to make a natural impact.


Natural Terrain in the new Lincoln University Science facility

"We had a mandate from Lincoln University to deliver a new cutting-edge science facility in line with their sustainable infrastructure goals. Our recommendation was to use wool carpet wherever possible due to the renewable credentials and its hard-wearing properties."
Sheppard & Rout Architecture