Lichen Community, inspired by multi-hued, multi-textured lichens.

Meet Lichen Community, designed in collaboration with McLennan Design, a modular carpet collection that connects us to a more restorative future. Inspired by expansive communities of lichens that grow together on bark and rock formations, playing a role in our ecosystems, the Lichen Community collection has been designed to provide a refined solution for creating collaborative environments, bringing people together. Rooted in the concept of symbiosis, Lichen Community defines communal spaces through colour and texture. This fresh take on the original Lichen collection offers an additional bark texture to join the popular stone base, serving as ground textures for the multi-hued lichens that grow together in place.

Biophilic design, locally made

Biophilic design aims to enhance humankind’s innate biological connection with nature, bringing natural elements into interior spaces and mimicking natural patterns. This new collection concentrates on mimicking the growth patterns of real lichens on stone and tree bark, incorporating colours that takes us on a visual journey through the forest, from the floor into the trees with the new warm, bark-grey background and soft, more muted highlights. Drawing from the natural world allows us to create spaces a little more connected to our roots, which can have a profound impact the health and wellbeing of building occupants.

One of the key features of Lichen Community is its biophilic three-plank system which allows for wayfinding and the creation of unique large-scale installations. By setting the more visually active Macro Bloom II style in a field of the Stone Community of Bark Community style, transitioning between them with Micro Bloom II, resulting in an organic, seamless installation. All four styles can be also used on their own or combined as desired, delivering an infinite variety of organic floorscapes to support biophilic space design.

Made locally in Australia with the latest Pattern Perfect™ tufting technology, the Lichen Community Collection is now available faster than ever and like all our Australian made carpet tiles, and is Declare Red List Free.

Features and Benefits

Enjoy the quality benefits of our carpet planks that deliver beautiful, durable flooring.

Proudly Declare® Red List Free.

GH Commercial carpet tiles are certified Declare® Red List Free, ensuring they’re free from manufacturing ‘nasties’ that pollute indoor air quality and the environment, and deliver healthier carpets for interior spaces.


Pattern Perfect™️ Technology

With a strong commitment to innovation and technology, we actively invest in the latest manufacturing technology to enhance customer experience and deliver the very best flooring solution.
Our Pattern Perfect™️ technology features greater pattern and colour placement, multiple pile height, pinpoint stitch accuracy and custom tile and plank capability.

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Proudly Manufactured Locally

Through the Godfrey Hirst brand, GH Commercial draws on over 150 years of local manufacturing experience, from both the heart of Geelong, Victoria and in picturesque New Zealand. From humble beginnings, to now one of Oceania’s largest and most successful flooring brands, we pride ourselves on producing flooring for our clients, when where and how they need it. Our partnership with the official Australian Made campaign aligns us with Australia’s most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, underpinned by a third-party accreditation system that authenticates genuinely Australian products
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Product Transparency

Product Certifications

Through third party verifications, our carpet tile ranges hold current and relevant certifications that illustrate our commitment to transparency, healthy indoor environments and meeting the criteria of leading green building standards. Our key certifications include the Carpet Institute of Australia’s Environmental Certification Scheme and the Living Future Institute of Australia’s Declare Program.

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