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Product Circularity

GH Commercial is committed to the application of circular economy principles and the continual improvement in our environmental, quality, health and safety performance demonstrated by our externally accredited ISO14001, ISO9001 and ISO145001 management systems.

This includes investigation and implementation of measures to reduce the potential environmental impacts of disposal of our products at the end of their service life and continued investment into sustainable waste and recycling systems for production and take back programs. We are actively seeking environmentally responsible ways to dispose of our products and ways to encourage end users to responsibly dispose of discarded flooring products

Product Recovery Program 3R - Reclaim, Recycle, Reprocess

GH Commercial was one of the first Australian carpet manufacturers to offer a comprehensive take-back program with the promise to divert carpet from landfill. Under our 3R program (Reclaim - Recycle – Reprocess), we offer an additional service to take back GH Commercial broadloom carpets, modular carpets and vinyl flooring products (including Godfrey Hirst, Feltex, IVC Commercial and Mohawk Group products) at the end of their first life. The 3R program guarantees that no recovered product will be disposed of in landfill

Loop Program

The GHC Loop program gives carpet tiles a second life. Carpet tiles are collected, graded and reused for their original purpose in a new installation. Our clientele ranges from charities, schools, price-conscious buyers to environmentally-conscious corporate clients. This program truly closes the loop, without destruction of value and requiring minimum energy needs.

GT Fibrecrete

Godfrey Hirst’s manufacturing factories already recycle much of its pre-consumer waste, there was previously no waste stream for unbacked Triexta carpet or fibre. Unlike polypropylene and solution dyed nylon, which can be repolymerised, there is less demand for the partially biobased fibre of Triexta.

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