For Wall-to-Wall Coverage.

GH Commercial offer a selection of high-quality and heavy duty commercial grade carpets.
Including Australian and New Zealand made carpet, choose from a high-performance synthetic fibre or a premium wool fibre. Our broadloom carpets offer a variety of wall-to-wall patterns, textures and backings designed to suit any project.

Featuring a wide range of size, exceptional acoustic properties and underfoot comfort, our best commercial carpets are designed to improve indoor environments providing a safe, comfortable and insulated space for building occupants.

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Commercial Grade Carpets

With their dense, high gauge, low pile constructions, our commercial broadloom carpets offer enhanced durability and practicality for all commercial spaces.

Great for education facilities, public spaces and other busy commercial areas, these broadloom carpets are not only a safe, comfortable and noise-reducing surface, but are a hard-wearing flooring solution, independently tested and graded by the Carpet Institute of Australia’s, Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS).


Proudly Manufactured Locally

Supporting local manufacturing is important now more than ever. Drawing on over 150 years of local manufacturing experience, all our commercial broadloom carpets are made in Australia and New Zealand, supporting our trans-Tasman economies and local communities.

We pride ourselves on our local manufacturing capabilities, that provide you with a commercial carpet solution whenever, wherever and however you need it.


High-Performance Fibres

With quality, performance and sustainability in mind, GH Commercial use the best carpet yarn to deliver flooring solutions that add value to a space. From quality synthetic fibres like Statron Plus®, ColorStrand®, Duracolor® and BCF Yarn Dyed Nylon to our premium natural carpet fibre, wool, we offer in-stock commercial carpet or can make custom commercial carpet to suit your project.


Our commercial broadloom carpets are available in a range of different backing types. Read on to find out more about our carpet backings and how they are designed to enhance the performance of your carpet, increase comfort and improve indoor environment quality.

Backing Options