Create Your Own Canvas With Social Canvas.

As we come into the world, we are each given a canvas, ready to be painted with our own story. These canvases are not necessarily blank and often bring affordances or limitations, depending on our personal and social circumstances. Even so, it’s up to us what we do with our canvas. When society is equitable and inclusive, we each have the agency to create a completely new story - our own. The Social Canvas collection speaks to the triumph of the human spirit. This collection is a result of a collaboration with ArtLifting, using the work of artist Charlie French as a point of departure.

Encompassing the triumph of the human spirit.

Social Canvas serves as a focus point, or artistic accent, to bring the warmth of the human spirit into spaces where we can all feel welcome and supported. Encompassing multiple carpet styles, each viewed as a different canvas, the collection spans chunky and smooth textures, incorporating colourful brushwork and a refined palette.

In pursuit of celebrating artists with disabilities and those experiencing disadvantage in the Oceanic region, our Social Canvas Collection is proud to support genU Arts Programme by providing an annual donation.

" My favourite shape is squares. Squares make me feel safe, secure. Squares are strong, but cosy too. Even comfortable. I love to fill a canvas with squares. A canvas filled with squares is like a path. It’s a way to move forward. Moving forward and staying safe. "

– Charlie French

Social Canvas Collection.

Social Canvas boasts a base texture, Space for All, that represents the natural canvas as it’s been primed and prepped, which serve as the foundation of any space’s design. Three additional painterly patterns, Art Therapy, Breaking Boundaries and Uplifting Others, are meticulous study of the brush strokes in Charlie’s work, further enhance the space with visual depth. These contrasting visuals integrate on the floor for stunning textural layering, turning your space into a work of art.

GenU Arts

Celebrating Artists

In pursuit of celebrating artists with disabilities in the Oceanic region, our Social Canvas Collection is proud to support genU’s Arts Programme, by providing an annual donation. genU has a rich history of building inclusive communities. Their services - for people with disability; seniors, students; job seekers, businesses and community - all focus on empowering people to reach their full potential. genU’s Arts Programme fosters careers for artists who live with disabilities.

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Features and Benefits

Duracolor® Tricor Fibre

Duracolor® Tricor delivers exceptional stain resistance, colour fastness, durability, colour clarity and enhanced soil performance to commercial interiors. A unique fibre technology made from 30% recycled content that helps create carpets that are easy to maintain and feature inherent stain resistance with water only stain removal for most common stains.

Proudly Declare® Red List Free.

GH Commercial carpet tiles are certified Declare® Red List Free, ensuring they’re free from manufacturing ‘nasties’ that pollute indoor air quality and the environment, and deliver healthier carpets for interior spaces.

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Pattern Perfect® Technology

With a strong commitment to innovation and technology, we actively invest in the latest manufacturing technology to enhance customer experience and deliver the very best flooring solution.
Our Pattern Perfect® technology features greater pattern and colour placement, multiple pile height, pinpoint stitch accuracy and custom tile and plank capability.

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Proudly Manufactured Locally

Through the Godfrey Hirst brand, GH Commercial draws on over 150 years of local manufacturing experience, from both the heart of Geelong, Victoria and in picturesque New Zealand. From humble beginnings, to now one of Oceania’s largest and most successful flooring brands, we pride ourselves on producing flooring for our clients, when where and how they need it. Our partnership with the official Australian Made campaign aligns us with Australia’s most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, underpinned by a third-party accreditation system that authenticates genuinely Australian products
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Product Transparency

Product Certifications

Through third party verifications, our carpet tile ranges hold current and relevant certifications that illustrate our commitment to transparency, healthy indoor environments and meeting the criteria of leading green building standards. Our key certifications include the Carpet Institute of Australia’s Environmental Certification Scheme and the Living Future Institute of Australia’s Declare Program.

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