Using fractal design to create inspiring and relaxing environments.

Seemingly random shapes and forms found in nature often appear haphazard. But upon closure inspection, there is a structure underlying these natural arrangements. And as we look closer and closer, the patterns repeat over and over. These are fractals.

In basing design on the stress-reductive quality found in fractals, the transdisciplinary design team of 13&9 Design, Fractals Research, and Mohawk Group are tapping into our deep-seated desire to see patterns, to connect to nature and to have more inspiring and relaxing environments in which we live and work.

Fractals are the building blocks of many of nature’s patterns and have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and so provide benefits to physical health. This visual language is the basis for Relaxing Floors, a modular system designed by 13&9 in collaboration with Fractals Research and Mohawk Group. Relaxing Floors is the culmination of art, science and human-centered design based on fractal patterns. Utilising fractals gives our eyes a break from the digital world and delivers the essence of nature to the contract build environment.