Traditional weaving meets cutting-edge technology.

Made under our Feltex brand, which is synonymous with high-end quality and design, our woven carpets are made from a rich, premium, wool blend fibre, bringing character and quality to your project. For luxe commercial interiors, our range of woven carpets feature a combination of sophisticated, timeless and straight forward designs. Naturally durable, this high-end carpet retains a near-new look, and the dense pile gives a lush underfoot feel.

Custom Bespoke Woven Carpet

Create your own bespoke axminster carpet and Fast Track® it for your next project. The Fast Track® program uses two distinct palettes, a hospitality and a neutral focussed palette, each containing 12 shades. Curated to work with current trends and design to sustain future forecasts, our trend forward hues draw inspiration from colours found in the natural Australian and New Zealand environments, exploring themes of flora/fauna, iconic landmarks and minerals.*

Or for a fully bespoke design, work with our full Feltex Woven colour palette, designed to assist in the creation of your new woven carpet. With 288 colours available, you will be sure to find the perfect colour combination to suit the style and vision of your next project. Contact us today to find out more about our custom woven program.

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Features and Benefits


Our woven carpet is synonymous with quality. Produced using old-world craftsmanship methods combined with modern technology, the pile and backing are interwoven, locking each yarn into place for extra stability.


Available in 4 different qualities depending on your project’s foot traffic requirements. With options for spaces with lighter foot traffic, like hotel guestrooms, through to the busiest of interiors such as hotel corridors or restaurants.


The thick pile and high-density of our woven carpets offers exceptional comfort underfoot, perfect for the tired, weary feet of visitors and building occupants alike.

Bespoke Capability

Select from one of our existing designs or let your imagination run wild and create your own exclusive woven carpet. A custom carpet is perfect for those venues wanting to stand out from the crowd.

*Order form as little as 20 lineal metres (73m2) and have your design delivered in around 8 weeks from the order date.