Lichen 1.5 Collection

Designed by Jason F. McLennan, the founder of the Living Product Challenge, and his team at McLennan Design, the Lichen Collection, is inspired by assemblages of multi-hued, multi-textured lichens and their regenerative role in our ecosystem.

An award winning collection, now made locally

Following the success of the Lichen Collection, Lichen 1.5 brings an updated pattern with striking elements, designed with local Australian and New Zealand interiors in mind.

Lichen 1.5 features the same stunning colour palette as the original collection, with shades like Iceland Moss, Orange Sea and Everbloom, designed in a 3 tile system for creating zones within a space.

Made locally in Australia with the latest Pattern Perfect tufting technology, the Lichen Collection is now available faster than ever and like all our Australian made carpet tiles, is Declare Red List Free.

Proudly Manufactured Locally

Through the Godfrey Hirst brand, GH Commercial draws on over 150 years of local manufacturing experience, from both the heart of Geelong, Victoria, and picturesque New Zealand. From humble beginnings to now one of Oceania’s largest and most successful flooring brands, we pride ourselves on producing flooring for our clients, wherever, whenever, and however they need it. Our partnership with the official Australian and New Zealand Made campaigns aligns us with the most trusted, recognized, and widely used country of origin symbols, underpinned by a third-party accreditation system that authenticates genuinely Australian and New Zealand-made products.
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Product Transparency

Product Certifications

Through third party verifications, our carpet tile ranges hold current and relevant certifications that illustrate our commitment to transparency, healthy indoor environments and meeting the criteria of leading green building standards. Our key certifications include the Carpet Institute of Australia’s Environmental Certification Scheme and the Living Future Institute of Australia’s Declare Program.

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