Inspired by First Nations cultural stories and hand crafted-pottery

For generations Indigenous Australians have shared their culture through their stories and artwork. Aunty Sam Walker-Wilson a respected elder living on Gurnai Country is a proud Yorta Yorta woman who has been telling her stories through her hand crafted and painted pottery journey for over two decades. Clay has been used by traditional custodians of Australia for its ceremonial use in painting, on bark, wood and rock faces, and body painting.
Follow us on a cultural journey as Aunty Sam shares the stories of her ancestors here before.

Here Before is a collaboration with Dreamtime Flooring and Godfrey Hirst, representing stories told through artist Aunty Sam from BNYM Indigenous designs, the rich textures and detailing in Aunty Sams creations can be felt in this carpet range connecting us to country while creating culturally safe places.