GH Commercial along with Godfrey Hirst are proud to be an Official Partner of the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024 for a second year.

Discover the Glamour at PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024

Immerse yourself in the epitome of Australian style and creativity at the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024, an unmissable event spanning from the 24th of February to the 9th of March celebrating the local fashion, arts, and innovation. Witness the brilliance of Australia's top designers as they showcase their latest creations on world-class runways.

Creativity and design are celebrated in an outstanding event that includes an array of exhibitions, events, workshops and experiences. Committed to bringing visibility to cutting-edge designs of Melbourne’s fashion industry and creating a destination like no other for Australians to come together to celebrate local fashion. GH Commercial are proud to come on board as an Official Partner of PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024.

The Festival kicks off on the 24th of February, promising over one hundred fashion events at 60 distinct venues across Melbourne. As a local manufacturer, being able to support local events is important to us and gives us the opportunity to collaborate in community events in our area. Here at GH Commercial we have a passion for design and partnering with the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024 is the perfect opportunity to align our values and celebrate creativity and art.

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A Reimagined Runway and Bespoke Designs

In the opulent setting of the Royal Exhibition Building, our high-end timber product, Corsica Oak in colour 510 Coastal Oak, takes centre stage as the runway floor. Reused from last year in a new and unique way, this French Oak surface in a light sandy colour provides the perfect runway flooring to ensure that the stunning designs of each designer shine brightly in along the runway.


Designer Jet® is a world class custom carpet technology for creating an infinite array of colours and bespoke designs you would never have thought possible in a carpet. It works by taking any striking pattern, drawing or image and using precision engineering to inject the dye into the carpet, offering a flexible, creative and performance driven carpet solution. For the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024, our Designer Jet® technology brought the Festival visions to life with a customised carpet runner to complement their media wall. This custom carpet helped create unique elements across the event to elevate the experience of those in attendance and ensure for a seamless fusion of luxury, innovation and the vibrant essence of the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival.


This year we are proud to provide a custom carpet runner for the Emerging Mob in Fashion Runway x Fujitsu. Designed by Mob in Fashion, a dedicated avenue for First Nations creatives to obtain experience within the design and fashion industry through the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Brought to life by our Designer Jet® technology this design embodies the branding sentiments of Mob in Fashion. Michelle describes the inspiration and meaning behind her design and her intention to influence positive energy of all of those in attendance.


“Drawing inspiration from our Mob In Fashion branding, I wanted to create a piece that was vibrant, empowering, joyful and a huge celebration of Mob. The bright pink symbolizes a new dawn – the emerging and established talent of Blak designers, creatives and models shining bright.

The palette is also reflective of the pink colours at dawn linking with the emerging theme and the start of something new. Flannel flowers fill the carpet and represent the resilience and strength of Mob. Flannel flowers are known for thriving in the harshest of conditions and can overcome anything to still flower and bloom.

Flannel flowers, known for their beauty and strength are known to survive extremely harsh conditions to still bloom and thrive all year long. Navy emu (dhinawan) eggs line the edges of the carpet depicting prosperity and moving forward. The conscious use of a bright palette to link with the high energy of the show and the link of bright colours with dopamine. It was my hope that all who attended the show felt this positivity and high energy.” – Michelle Jackson, Co-Founder Mob in Fashion



The PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024 introduces an exciting addition to its programme with the unveiling of a fashion forward forecourt VIP bar. This meticulously curated space showcases the fusion of style and sophistication with the incorporation of our Lorena Gaxiola + Feltex Collection carpet design, Buho, creating a visually stunning and cohesive environment that resonates with the Festival’s unique identity. This design sees the seamless integration of the Festival branding colours, achieved through the innovative capabilities of our state-of-the-art Designer Jet® custom carpet technology.

The remarkable customisation of the space was made possible by harnessing the precision and flexibility of our Designer Jet® technology. This cutting-edge carpet technology allowed for the creation of a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, where every detail, from the flooring to the colour palette, aligns seamlessly.

Join us at the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024 for an unforgettable celebration of fashion, creativity, and the spirit of Melbourne's fashion leadership.


Flooring Products Used:

Runway: Engineered Timber - Corsica Oak, Coastal Oak 510

Seating: Solution Dyed Nylon Broadloom - Timeless, Black Magic 795

Media Wall: Designer Jet® Custom Carpet

Premium Runway Runner: Designer Jet® Custom Carpet


Authored date: 15/02/2024