Optic Reset is a modular carpet collection that consists of two mid-scale Field of View patterns, and coordinating texture – Shifted Focus, both of which have been created using elements from photography, illustration, and graphic design. Using positive and negative space, creating tonal shifts, and pushing boundaries of abstracted subject matter, Optic Reset allows you to create your own visual narratives with dual styles in shifting colourways of light and dark. The visuals give us cues for our other senses, and they are how we understand the world. And with Optic Reset, interior space can be created with subtle or dramatic views on the floor.

This concept is illustrative of The Visual Age, where there is visual literacy and creative democracy for all, and we have become fluent in the elements of graphics, photography, design, and art. Social media especially has influenced this, allowing for self-expression and creativity to come together to unite us with a sense of purpose on our collective path.