Join the art intervention with Art Exposure

Art, in any form, has the power to advance human connection in an increasingly fragmented world. As a universal language and change agent, art intervenes to inspire, heal and unite. Mohawk Group celebrates the interconnectivity of artistic form and expression with an imaginative collection of products with universal appeal. Representing a truly global product launch, the patterns, textures and colours originate from unexpected art interventions. Manufactured in our facilities around the world, these products are globally accessible.

Expose your creative potential with the three elegant textures in Art Exposure. Academic View reveals a subtle mash up of organic and urban reflections. Adaptable lives up to its name with a rich and comforting solid tweed to coordinate with the collection’s diverse pattern offerings, and Enlivened’s geometric motif is inspired by architectural elements. We believe design can be transformative, and we invite you to create your own art intervention with Art Exposure. 

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