Responding to human need to reconnect with natural environments, design in healthcare and aged care is moving ever closer towards serenity. Supporting architectural design and interiors, flooring provides powerful assistance in places where people live, work and heal.

The Wilderness Retreat Collection uses biophilic design to create a relaxing experiential oasis. Borrowing from nature's elements and calming retreats, the collection transforms typically, cold, clinical facilities into warm, comforting habitats. Creating spaces that feel like a refuge, and that nurture wellbeing.

Evidence-based design shows that integrating natural elements into the built environment advances healing and motivation. Inspired by Australian and New Zealand coastal landscapes, the collection enables those who can't normally interact with nature to benefit from doing so - with colours and patterns sourced from the natural world to provide these design-led restorative benefits for patients and productivity for care teams.

Made locally using Designer Jet technology and certified Declare Red List Free, the collection is designed with all aspects of healthcare in mind. Featuring our integrated moisture impervious system, HealthBac is a tried and tested impervious barrier against moisture penetration to the sub-floor and assist with bio contaminant control.

In a world where we look for sanctuary in every setting, Wilderness Retreat delivers on the heavy performance requirements of healthcare environments, with aesthetics that stimulate the energy and spirit of patients. residents, care providers and visitors.