VIMG is a professional management team who develop residential, commercial, and hotel projects. These luxury multi-residential properties are spread throughout the inner city and surrounding areas of each capital city throughout Australia. VIMG has principal offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, as well as overseas offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai in China.
Exploring the Project

This project is located right in the heart of Perth's CBD, the VIMG Offices have the perfect location with a fantastic view overlooking the crystal Perth Ocean. To complement their already stunning office space, Hub Interiors chose ‘mellowD’ our carpet plank product by our Mohawk Group brand, Relaxing Floors Collection in the 949 Easy Breezy colourway. MellowD offers an array of colours to choose from and is suitable for a range of commercial spaces, whether it be high-end with elegant finishes or a paired back space with neutral and light tones. Design elements such as modern breakout spaces, meeting rooms of various sizes and the unique sound of dampening material make for perfect space for powerhouse professionals.

Behind the Lens of the Project

“The main reason why we chose this carpet was because it allowed us to keep the neutrality of the grey colour, which was important since we had a big area to cover, without being restricted to a plain, boring carpet. The very cool design with the darker spots created a unique pattern, with a monolithic look, which was the perfect canvas for us to work on." - Troy, the General Manager of 'Hub Interiors'

Quality Flooring

MellowD is a part of the Mohawk Group collection, ‘Relaxing Floors’. This collection uses fractal design patterns which are best defined as a repetitive design found in nature used to create irregular shapes and patterns. The ultimate intention of this collection is to create flooring that is inspiring and relaxing in living and working environments to improve the quality of life. In the use of fractal designs, it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, providing benefits to physical and mental health, one example being that it gives our eyes a break from the digital world and connects us back to nature. 

Utilising a line-shaped seed which repeats at different magnifications, MellowD featuers exceptional stain resistance properties, sustainability and aesthetics. Featuring our Enviro Bac® backing which has been trusted in commercial settings for over 20 years as it offers exceptional performance and is locally made, mellowD provides a functional yet aesthetically pleasing flooring solution for your commercial space.

Proudly Australian Made

Proud partners of the official Australian Made campaign, the GH Commercial range of all Australian made tiles, planks and broadloom carpets begin with a chain of investment in local design, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Supporting domestic industry and manufacturing to rebuild the economy is more important now than ever, while locally sourced products combat issues around transportation costs and emissions, and also allow for shorter delivery lead times.

Declare Red List Free

With an increasing emphasis on the importance of creating healthier living and working spaces, the Living Future Institute of Australia’s Declare® Red List initiative delivers valuable information about material composition and specifications. The Relaxing Floors Collection has been certified Declare® Red List Free, which indicates the “worst in class” materials, chemicals and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem that are prevalent in the building products industry. Being free of any of these risks helps to create a healthy environment by increasing the health and wellbeing, increased productivity, and overall satisfaction of employees. Produced on the Enviro Bac® and Enviro Bac Plus® backing system, they are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free for a safer and more sustainable environment.

Project: VIMG Offices
Product: Relaxing Floors Collection - Mellow D Carpet Planks - 949 / Easy Breezy
Design / Architect: Hub Interiors
Installer: Malco Floorcoverings


Colours Used

  • mellowD

    Easy Breezy

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