The talented crew at Webb+ design were betting on quality when they invited GH Commercial to create a winning carpet for their latest project!

Design Favourites
Specialist interior architects, Webb+, enjoy a well deserved reputation for first-class project delivery in the leisure and hospitality sector. Building on prior experience reimagining sections of the historic SkyCity Adelaide Casino interior, their brief was clear - retain the original architectural integrity of the old, while seamlessly integrating the new.

Custom Concept
Inspired by the grandeur of the existing heritage building, with its classically opulent aesthetic, and referencing recognisable motifs of luxury global brands such as Versace, Gucci and Chanel, the key design elements incorporated geometric motifs and interlinked patterns.

Such luxe decor required suitably sophisticated flooring, which is where the GH Commercial specialist design team came into play. Working with the notion of labyrinth, an ancient and universal archetype synonymous with the journey of life, each Feltex custom carpet features a bold maze design.

Webb+ , in consultation with a Feng Shui expert, chose colours associated with good fortune; red for happiness and success, blue for longevity and harmony, and gold, the colour of richness and nobility. The regular symmetry of each pattern is enhanced by a ‘shimmer’ effect created by the interplay of colours, adding depth, texture and movement. Illuminated by overhead lighting, the overall effect is one of aspiration and glamour.

Axminster - The Flooring Ace
Woven carpet had proven its worth over multiple Webb+ custom projects across the country. Along with the freedom of bespoke design, they believed the benefits of woven carpet lay in its thicker, more sumptuous pile.

Just as the casino refurbishment relied on a convergence of traditional and contemporary styling, our woven carpets are produced under the Feltex brand, using old-world craftsmanship combined with modern-day technology. The interweave of pile and backing locks the pattern into place, creating a robust surface with extra stability. Made from a rich blend of premium wool blend fibres, Axminster is a high performance carpet combining the resilience required for heavy traffic areas with luxuriant underfoot comfort.

Bespoke Carpet
Versatility is the name of the game with GH Commercial woven carpets. Available in four levels of quality, Feltex Axminster can accommodate the various foot traffic requirements of every commercial and residential space, while our wealth of classic and contemporary colours and patterns will complement any decor. Limited by nothing more than imagination, our leading customisation capabilities can also produce genuinely bespoke, custom carpet designs, for uniquely personalised projects.

GH Commercial are proud to collaborate with talented design professionals such as Webb+ , bringing character, quality and ultra- high performance flooring to any commercial environment. Global Flooring Solutions Drawing on over 150 years of manufacturing experience in Australia and New Zealand, GH Commercial is committed to designed and supplying high quality floorcoverings around the world.

As the oceanic division of Mohawk Group, the world’s largest commercial flooring company, we belong to a global network of brands dedicated to helping you meet your project goals and connecting you with the right floor, when where and how you need it.

Project: SkyCity Adelaide Casino
Product: Custom Woven Carpet
Builder: SHAPE
Installer: Adelaide Commercial Flooring
Architect/Designer: Webb+
Photography: Dan Shultz – Sweet Lime Photo


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