When the team at talented New Zealand commercial interior design business, Outline, needed to create a learning space that was both beautiful and inspiring, GH Commercial had the perfect Education flooring solution.

Saint Kentigern

Offering an educational pathway from ages 3 to 18 years, Saint Kentigern consists of a Pre-School, Boys School, Girls School and Co-ed College on three campuses across Auckland. This progressively inclusive Christian school embraces a variety of cultural and family backgrounds, representing diverse denominations and faiths. 

Following years of planning and two years of construction, the Girls School building has recently been completed. Catering for the specialist nature of teaching and learning throughout Year 1-8, this innovative development features 19 new classrooms, a number of break-out learning spaces and specialist facilities.

The Brief

Translating an interior vision based around sustainability and the well-being benefits of biophilic design, Outline created a lively, flexible and highly functional series of multi-use spaces. 

The light filled central atrium with its ‘social staircase’ linking two floors of classrooms, collaborative learning zones, and a staff room that also serves as a professional development area and function space, reflected a relaxed aesthetic defined by organic shapes and natural timber finishes. Employing muted blues and greens to calm and balance, bursts of zesty citrus accents were also introduced to enhance student alertness and creativity.  

The Lichen 1.5 Collection of carpet planks presented ideal flooring to meet the brief, with the selection of Micro and Macro Bloom 1.5 in 941 Goldspeck, 954 Everbloom, 975 Felth Finish, 945 Silva and 937 Frosted Shield offering a distinctive pattern with complementary pops of yellow, purple, blue, aqua and white. Teamed with neutral Groundcover 1.5 in 949 Rock face, the overall effect was cohesive while also creating way finding paths and distinguishing separate learning zones.

The Science of Flooring Design

Created by Jason F. McClennan, the founder of the Living Product Challenge, and his team at McLennan design, the Lichen Collection incorporates the science of biophilia, taking inspiration from the diversity of texture and colour found amongst clusters of lichen, and the regenerative role these play in our ecosystem. 

Biophlia, or love of nature, focuses on creating soothing spaces with a visual connection to the natural world, a concept proven to reduce stress and enhance creativity. Mindful of the school’s leafy environs, it was important that the overarching design and colour scheme reflected this.

Locally Made, Healthier Flooring

The Lichen 1.5 Collection is an updated version of the original Lichen range. Featuring the same beautiful colours, this iteration has been reworked to suit local Australian and New Zealand interiors. The 3-tile system of the Lichen range was developed to mix and match with a variety of installation configurations that serve to direct foot traffic or identify specific areas.  

Proudly Australian Made and incorporating the latest Pattern Perfect® tufting technology, the collection is certified Declare™ Red List Free, containing zero PVC, BPA and Phthalate for a safer, healthier school environment.

Education Flooring

Part of one of the largest global flooring suppliers and manufacturers in the world, GH Commercial are a full-service provider for every Commercial and Education interior. Our huge suite of Education flooring choices, each offering a high-performance base with underfoot comfort, are capable of withstanding the wear and tear of preschoolers through to Year 12, with numerous options for tertiary level facilities also.  

The Lichen 1.5 Collection, like all GH Commercial carpet planks, can be rapidly produced and are quick and easy to install. Rated Contract Extra Heavy Duty & Stairs, they are incredibly durable, extremely low-maintenance and can be individually replaced should damage occur. 

For vibrant collaborative learning spaces or quietly calming study areas, in colours and patterns designed to inspire, excite or soothe, GH Commercial have you covered - contact your local consultant to learn more about our Education Flooring solutions.

Project: Saint Kentigern’s Girls School
Architect: Outline Design 
Builder: ASPEC Construction
Flooring: Hills Commercial Floors
Photography: Mark Scowen Photography


Colours Used

  • Macro Bloom 1.5

    Frosted Shield

  • Macro Bloom 1.5


  • Macro Bloom 1.5


  • Macro Bloom 1.5

    Felt Finish

  • Micro Bloom 1.5