Located at the southern end of the campus, the Agricultural Sciences Building is the first of the university’s two new science facilities to be completed. Taking just 12 months to complete, this new building delivers modern teaching, research, and collaboration spaces to more than 50 staff and students from the Department of Agriculture Sciences.

Following on this ethos and determined to honour Lincoln University ’s’ heritage as the oldest agricultural teaching institution in the Southern Hemisphere, the procurement team was determined to utilise New Zealand wool as their primary flooring solution. From experience the Procurement team knew they needed a modular solution as tiles facilitate on-going maintenance and serviceability.

Godfrey Hirst was acknowledged as the preferred supplier to design, produce, and supply modular wool tile. In collaboration with Sheppard & Rout Architecture and Godfrey Hirst Soft Flooring Category Developer, a brand-new bespoke product was developed from scratch.

Godfrey Hirsts’ Australasian Product Development team worked to develop a wool tile that would not only be aesthetically pleasing but also perform in a busy University environment. So, from the beginning were determined to achieve ACCS Commercial Extra Heavy-Duty grading. Using a combination of yarns originally developed for Commercial broadloom products coupled with their tile manufacturing experience, the team developed Natural Terrain. The seemingly random grid like pattern was emphasised by using a subtly heathered bluish-grey yarn together with a black yarn; both woollen-spun yarns were manufactured in Oamaru. This pattern works well with both the decorative glass panels and exposed industrial ceilings in the Agricultural Sciences Building. The grid-like pattern was further enhanced by installation of the wool tiles in an ashlar pattern, which echoes the building’s façade.

This new Godfrey Hirst flooring solution, developed specifically for Lincoln University, signals the important role customer-supplier partnerships play in shaping a more productive and sustainable future for the New Zealand building industry.

Lincoln University has always been a chief driver of innovation in the land-based sector, particularly in the food and fibre industries, and the Godfrey Hirst flooring solution for the University’s new Agricultural Sciences Building reflects that forward thinking.

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Project: Lincoln University Agricultural Sciences Building. Lincoln, Canterbury.
Product: Godfrey Hirst Natural Terrain in Corriedale
- ACCS Commercial 
- Extra Heavy Duty 4 Stars
- ECS Level 4
- Certified Redlist Free
Installer: The Flooring Centre Christchurch
Photography: Lightbox Creative