An environment where colour and technology abound.

Located in the heart of the Huon Valley, Tasmania, the design for the Josephite Learning Centre at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Geeveston prides itself on the transformation from a historical yet dilapidated Convent, into a 21st Century education facility. A showcase for exemplary teaching and learning practices the facility provides a transparent, flexible and multi zoned space for 50 Year 5/6 students.

Cruciform in plan and responding to the religious nature of the existing buildings, the Josephite Learning Centre unites the disparate buildings on the site.

“Every face of the new building looks outward and engages with the environment.” -Trisha Lee, Principal Architect, K2LD

The internal use of bold, vibrant colour provides an exciting learning environment for the children.

Project: Josephite Learning Centre
Client: Tasmanian Catholic Education Office
Architect: K2LD Architects
Project Team: Trisha Lee  |  David Lee  |  Nicholas Jacometti  |  Kevin Ung  |  Jake McCrimmon
Photography: Jonathan Wherrett
Products: Curriculum Carpet Tiles (check out New Curriculum)


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