Wurriki Nyal

The City of Greater Geelong the local government body of the Southwest region of Victoria has recently opened its doors to the public with their new Customer Service Centre now available for the community to use. Located in the heart of Geelong's CBD, this new establishment has merged nine offices into one, and now offers the general public assistance and access to the city's services in new collaborative spaces. The name of the new building, Wurriki Nyal, comes from the Wadawarrung language meaning "speak and talk together". 
Over 50% of the construction costs associated with the new precinct were spent with local suppliers and contractors, including GH Commercial.

Exploring the Project

The design and colours curated for the carpet and upholstery on each level of the Wurriki Nyal building were designed in collaboration with Wadawurrung Traditional Owners, to represent different aspects of Wadawurrung Country as you move up through the building: Water, Earth, Tree and Sky. The Lichen 1.5 collection provided the perfect flooring solution for this project, encompassing biophilic elements and a range of inspiring colours to meet the required brief. The Lichen Collection was inspired heavily by biophilic design as it touches on the side of nature and the promotion of health and well-being. The name behind the collection is referencing an organism in nature that is grown in nearly every ecosystem on earth and can be called ‘nature’s carpet’ which is evident in the design of the Wurriki Nyal carpet in the heart of Geelong’s CBD. Specially designed custom colours were chosen to help represent each element chosen, as well as Everbloom (954) & Iceland Moss (956) were the colours used from our Micro & Macro Bloom 1.5 products. Wurriki Nyal uses the Lichen 1.5 collection in its 3-tile system approach to create wayfinding and zoning spaces to easily distinguish paths and desk spaces throughout the building which gives a unique aesthetic.

Locally Made, Healthier Flooring

The Lichen 1.5 Collection is a refreshed and vibrant version of the original Lichen collection.

Featuring the same beautiful colours, this iteration has been reworked to suit local Australian and New Zealand interiors. The 3-tile system of the Lichen collection was developed to work together to create a variety of installation configurations that serve to direct foot traffic or identify specific areas within a built environment. Both of the products Macro Bloom 1.5 and Micro Bloom 1.5 were used to create a unique and captivating floor space in the Wurriki Nyal building.

We have a strong commitment to innovation and technology and actively invest in the latest manufacturing technology to enhance customer experience and deliver the very best flooring solution. Our Pattern Perfect® technology features greater pattern and colour placement, multiple pile height, pinpoint stitch accuracy and custom tile and plank capabilities.

The Lichen 1.5 Collection uses Pattern Perfect® technology to create beautifully textured carpet tiles and planks, as seen with the Wurriki Nyal building.

Proudly Australian Made

Proud partners of the official Australian Made campaign, the GH Commercial range of all Australian made tiles, planks and broadloom carpets begin with a chain of investment in local design, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Supporting domestic industry and manufacturing to rebuild the economy is more important now than ever, while locally sourced products combat issues around transportation costs and emissions and allow for shorter delivery lead times.

Declare Red List Free

With an increasing emphasis on the importance of creating healthier living and working spaces, the Living Future Institute of Australia’s Declare® Red List initiative delivers valuable information about material composition and specifications. The Lichen 1.5 Collection has been certified Declare® Red List Free, which indicates the “worst in class” materials, chemicals and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem that are prevalent in the building products industry. Being free of any of these risks helps to create a healthy environment by increasing health and wellbeing, increased productivity, and overall satisfaction of employees. Produced on the Enviro Bac® and Enviro Bac Plus® backing system, they are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free for a safer and more sustainable environment.

Project: Geelong Civic HQ
Product: Lichen Macro Bloom / Micro Bloom 1.5
Design / Architect: Cox Architects
Installer: Floor 91 Shane Ward