GH Commercial provided the ideal flooring solution that aided in creating a refreshed and inspired office space for the Bureau of Meteorology.

Bureau of Meteorology

The recently transformed offices of the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) in South Australia is home to a range of meteorology services and the recently developed defence space hub. This new defence space hub expands the national weather agency’s researching and forecasting into space weather to delve into the space industry. 

The bespoke Oceanic Collection was chosen for this project, connecting the flooring of this facility with the inspiring spaces far beyond its exterior that drive the work of those inside the building. The carefully selected Oceanic designs pull inspiration from our oceanic coastlines, tying in with the function of the building that oversees a wide range of impacts on our geographic regions. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Designer Jet® carpet products used throughout the building create zoned areas that feel spacious, as well as leading throughout the hallways to influence wayfinding. 

Inspired Designer Jet® Flooring

GH Commercial’s Oceanic Collection provided the perfect designs to meet the required design elements across the varying spaces within the building. Oceanic Sheet in Pearlsa and Ballina were the ideal interpretation to include flooring that represented isobars and shifting weather mapping in the weather forecasting sections of the building. 
Along with a customised Designer Jet® product utilising the Ningaloo design from the Oceanic Woven Collection to represent patterns of the deep space and the milky way within the space weather forecasting and researching and defence space hub spaces within the building. 
Our Designer Jet® technology uses precision dye injection technology offering a creative, flexible and performance driven flooring solution. Perfect for any interior space, but exceptionally easy to install in corridors and smaller spaces due to its smaller roll sizes. Designer Jet® carpets are designed and manufactured locally to ensure faster lead times.

Project: Bureau of Meteorology South Australian Office
Products: Oceanic Collection
Oceanic Sheet – Pearlsa & Ballina
Oceanic Woven – Ningaloo
Architect: Hosking Willis Architecture
Builder: FDC Building 
Installer: Australian Floor Group 
Photographer: Trim Photography