An inspiring learning space needs to be one of flexibility and functionality, so when it came to flooring designed specifically for Education, GH Commercial had the ideal solution.

Barker College 

Barker is a private Christian school that has been operating on the same site since 1895. Becoming co-educational in 1975, today the school’s rich culture of inclusion and innovation supports the learning of children from pre-K to year 12.

A recent expansion to the Junior school facility saw the creation of additional learning zones and classrooms for Year 5 and 6 students. Referred to as Junior School East, the extended space was intentionally fluid, with furniture that could be moved around to suit individual educational needs.

The Lichen 1.5 collection of carpet planks was an inspired choice for the updated flooring, creating a cohesive and connected aesthetic while also designating distinct learning spaces.


Beautiful Biophilia

Designed by Jason F. McLennan, the founder of the Living Product Challenge, and his team at McLennan Design, the Lichen Collection was inspired by the diverse textures and hues of lichen clusters and their symbiotic relationship with nature.

Incorporating visual representations of ecological elements, biophilic design principles have been shown to demonstrably reduce stress and enhance creativity, increasing productivity and improving learning outcomes.

The popularity of the highly adaptable Lichen product range saw the creation of Lichen 1.5. An updated pattern, subtly re-worked to reflect Australian and New Zealand interiors, is available in the same beautiful colours as the original Lichen collection. The overall effect of Lichen 1.5 flooring serves to connect and ground the mood of a space for improved well-being.


Education Flooring

The selection of Macro and Micro Bloom 1.5, in 937 Frosted Shield and Groundcover in 949 Rock Face, dispersed with graduating pops of colour with 963 Firedot and 975 Felt Finish, signals discrete learning zones and pathways throughout the Barker College upgrade, creating a vibrant and energetic space.

Many educational facilities rely on way finding and zoning to orient students and assist with transitioning between areas. The 3-tile system of the Lichen 1.5 collection has been specifically produced to mix and match, with a variety of installation options that can define room sections or direct foot traffic.

GH Commercial have developed optimal flooring solutions across a variety of educational requirements. From preschool through to tertiary facilities, our range caters for classrooms, libraries, common rooms, computer labs, multi-purpose spaces and amenities, all with underfoot safety, comfort, and noise reduction in mind.


Australian Made

The Lichen 1.5 collection of carpet planks are proudly manufactured in Australia and are created on the latest Pattern Perfect® tufting technology. Certified Declare® Red List Free and produced on the Enviro Bac® backing system, they are PVC, BPA and Phthlate free for a safer and healthier school environment. 

GH Commercial carpet planks can be rapidly produced, are quick and easy to install, simple to singly replace if ever required, and, rated Contract Extra Heavy Duty & Stairs, are also super durable and low-maintenance. As a full service provider for all commercial projects, our custom capability can personalise carpet designs with logos and branding for unique flooring that’s guaranteed to elevate any interior.

Project: Barker College Sydney 
Product: Lichen 1.5 Collection 
Architect: PDML
Builder: Structure 
Installer: Bondi Carpets


Colours Used

  • Ground Cover 1.5

    Rock Face

  • Micro Bloom 1.5


  • Macro Bloom 1.5

    Felt Finish

  • Micro Bloom 1.5

    Frosted Shield

  • Macro Bloom 1.5


  • Micro Bloom 1.5

    Felt Finish

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