The future shape of education is thinking outside the square...

From inside out, colour and strong directional shape is used to define and stimulate within this unique learning environment. Flexibility and integrated teaching and learning spaces cater for holistic, cross-curricular mentoring. Sustainability was also a key design driver, with the school used as a pilot to develop the green rating tool for future educational developments. All Godfrey Hirst Modular products are ECS Level 4 Certified achieving the maximum 100% Green Star points.

Each of the 10 learning commons has its own colour palette with the use of brightly coloured carpet runners introducing each space.

"The design plays with people's perceptions. Walls and windows don’t necessarily have to be straight. Creating some discordancy makes people more aware of their environment." - Roy Blok of Jasmax

The use of Godfrey Hirst Modular flooring provides the additional benefits of superior sound absorbency and thermal qualities in such vast spaces.