The next generation of flooring - Hybrid floors combine the durability and strength of vinyl plank and the appealing look and feel of laminate. Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors are waterproofˆ, meaning they can be installed in wet areas for a seamless look throughout your interior. Perfect for demanding areas such as laundries and high spill zones like kitchens. Hybrid flooring can withstand the harshest of Australian climatic heat, cold and water, making it ideal for use right across the country. With Trigon® core technology, Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors display astonishing stability in the most extreme climates, handling rapid temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction. Each plank incorporates an acoustic underlay backing that also delivers excellent noise reduction and a softer feeling underfoot. This makes hybrid flooring a perfect solution for renovating older homes, upstairs bedrooms, playrooms or apartments. All Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors feature a high grade commercial wear layer resulting in a robust floor that can withstand the heaviest of foot traffic at home. Available in a range of striking designs and stunning colours, Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors will enhance the beauty of any space. ^Subject to proper installation, maintenance and local building code / regulatory approval.


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