Designing for Hospitality Environments

When it comes to hospitality interiors, authenticity and locality are essential in creating a memorable experience for guests as customers are seeking a more personalised touch in their surroundings.

From pubs, clubs and restaurants to hotels and guestrooms, the design for these spaces must find a balance between beauty, functionality, durability and atmosphere. To be authentic, something has to not only look good, but it must be unique and designed for that particular space. With many hospitality spaces opting for a striking custom flooring solution, let our in-house team of textile designers help you achieve your vision in creating an immersive guest experience. Or let us help you get started with our large range of designs and standard stocked products.

Custom by GH Commercial

If you can dream it, we can design and deliver it. Whatever your project, vision or budget, we make bespoke carpet and flooring a reality. Stand apart, create a mood, or tie a space together to tell a story. From easy online customisation to a fully bespoke design with our local in-house design team, our fast, flexible and cost-effective offering can help you realise your infinite design possibilities.
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Why the Future of Flooring is Bespoke: Exploring the Benefits and Opportunities of Customisation

In the design world, customisation is changing how hospitality venues are designed. Guests are seeking a more personalised touch in their surroundings, with elements that place a strong emphasis on locality and authenticity. Learn how custom flooring can help create truly memorable and immersive guest experiences.

Designer Jet® Technology

The first in the southern hemisphere, Designer Jet® is a world class custom carpet technology for creating an infinite array of colours and bespoke designs you would never have thought possible in a carpet tile and plank. <>At the forefront of custom carpet design, Designer Jet® works by taking any striking pattern, drawing or image and using precision engineering to inject dye into the carpet, offering a flexible, creative and performance driven solution for your next project.

Pattern Perfect™️ Technology

With a strong commitment to innovation and technology, we actively invest in the latest manufacturing technology to enhance customer experience and deliver the very best flooring solution. <>Our Pattern Perfect™️ technology features greater pattern and colour placement, multiple pile height, pinpoint stitch accuracy and custom tile and plank capability.

Woven Carpet

Traditional weaving meets cutting-edge technology. Our woven carpets are made from a rich, premium, wool blend fibre, bringing character and quality to your project. For luxe commercial interiors, our range of woven carpets features a combination of sophisticated, timeless, and straight forward designs. Naturally durable, this high-end carpet retains a near-new look, and the dense pile gives a lush underfoot feel.