Designing for Education Environments

Design in education plays a big role in student and staff well being. Flooring can facilitate both collaborative or focused spaces, and can create improved performance and productivity. From pre-school, K-12 and tertiary alike, our flooring solutions cover all areas of education design, including classrooms, corridors, libraries, common rooms, computer labs, multipurpose spaces and amenities.

Mix and match different flooring types and colours to create designated zones, direct flow of foot traffic, or simply incorporate school branding with our custom capabilities. Presenting practical features like acoustic performance, comfort, low VOCs and safety underfoot, our education flooring solutions include Declare™ Red List Free, Australian made products for a healthier, locally sourced option.

Best in Class: A guide to smarter flooring specification for education environments

With funding for school infrastructure set to increase, there are growing opportunities in the education sector for designers and specifiers. School builds, renovations and fit-outs must address a growing number of student needs and maximise learning opportunities.

Download this whitepaper for a closer look at the connection between flooring design and the student learning experience.

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Commercial Broadloom Carpet

From high-performance synthetic fibres to premium New Zealand wool, our high-quality, durable broadloom carpets are made in Australia and New Zealand and offer wall-to-wall patterns, textures and backings to suit any project.Their exceptional acoustic properties and underfoot comfort improve indoor environments, providing a safe, comfortable and insulated space to listen, learn, work or rest. Available in varying roll widths: 1.96m, 3.66m and 4m wide.

Vinyl Plank

Versatile vinyl planks take the look, feel and design of natural hardwood floors and deliver an abrasion resistant floor. Resistant to moisture and with a built-in anti-microbial agent for inhibiting the growth of mould and microbes, vinyl planks are easy to maintain.Their exceptional acoustic and slip resistant properties provide a safe flooring solution. The majority of our ranges are GreenTag Green Rate Level A certified, providing a healthier indoor environment.

Hybrid Flooring

Exceptionally high-performance hard flooring, hybrid features Trigon® core technology, adding stability in the most extreme climates. Able to handle temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction, hybrid floors display astonishing durability and impact resistance.A quick and easy to install locking system, the floor can be walked on immediately. And with Global GreenTag, GreenRate Level A certified ranges to choose from, you’re building a healthier indoor environment.

Biophilic design in education spaces

With students spending less time outdoors, connecting them with nature and natural elements is important. Exposure to nature has a direct impact on student wellbeing with one study demonstrating the impact of stress was lower among children with high levels of nature nearby and another study found that students with views to nature achieve better learning outcomes. The evidence supporting biophilic design in education spaces is clear and can even be used as a predictor for student performance.
Learn more about biophilic design

Creating safer spaces

Through material health and product transparency initiatives

At GH Commercial, we are continually challenging ourselves to create safer learning environments that promote well-being. We regularly screen and asses our product ingredients and aim to use safe and healthy materials in our products. Currently all our Australian made carpet tiles are PVC, BPA, PTH free and are also certified Declare® Red List Free.

We embrace product transparency, and by holding current and relevant product certifications through programs like Declare and GreenTag, we are committed to creating healthier indoor environments and meeting the criteria of leading green building standards.

Learn more about Material Health and Product Transparency

Acoustic performance for learning spaces

Noise, particularly in open plan spaces, has a big impact on learning and the ability to take in information. It can result in poor hearing conditions and the flow on effect, whether in a workplace or education setting, can include critical information being missed. Difficulty communicating often means voices are raised, resulting in stressful situations.

Our flooring solutions are designed to help absorb noise and reduce the impact of sound indoors. For more information on acoustics and how your indoor environment might be affected, contact your local GH Commercial Consultant.

Download our acoustic flyer to review performance of various products

Fast, flexible, fuss-free installation

Designed for use with carpet tiles, our innovative FlexLok® tab system is a dry installation system that delivers the flexibility of a floating modular floor without relying on traditional wet spread adhesives.A Declare Red List Free product, FlexLok® tabs are installed with maximum efficiency, ensuring tight timeframes are met and installation turnaround times are reduced – ensuring a healthier indoor environment that can be occupied sooner.

Learn more about our FlexLok® tab system.

Beautiful and functional learning spaces

Education facilities require a unique approach to their design and careful consideration to the type of learning being delivered. An effective design provides flexible spaces that not only promote focused learning, but collaborative effort and socialisation.

Learn more about designing for education facilities in our latest editorial piece for The Bursar, a publication delivered to all Australian schools.

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