In a marketplace increasingly focused on environmental consideration and issues around sustainability, GH Commercial are incredibly proud to have products officially certified Declare™ Red List Free.  

The International Living Future Institute (ILFIA), and local affiliate the Living Future Institute of Australia (LFIA), are organisations committed to the notion of a socially equitable, culturally rich and ecologically responsible society, and have developed leading edge programs designed to radically change our approach to building and construction.  

Predicated on creating a healthier built environment, the Declare™ Program delivers clear, unambiguous information about building material specifications. Participating manufacturers are required to disclose a Product’s entire constituent chemical composition to a threshold of 100-parts-per-million; essentially creating a ‘nutrition’ label of ingredients.

A Product Transparency Program  

Each Declare label is compared against a list of worst-in-class materials, better known as the Red List. Chemicals on the Red List are responsible for:  

  • Polluting the environment  
  • Bio-accumulation of contaminants progressing up the food chain 
  • Negative health implications for factory personnel, construction industry workers and building occupants.  

Aware of our role in developing products that Architects and Designers can comfortably specify to meet leading green building initiatives, we worked with our entire supply chain to identify, source and utilise the healthiest possible manufacturing ingredients. When we were confident our product met the stringent sustainability and toxic free chemical standards, we applied for the LFIA Declare certification.  

The Declare Initiative Has Three Levels of Potential Certification: 

  • LBC Red List Free – Complete ingredient disclosure revealing ZERO Red List chemicals.  
  • LBC Compliant – Where chemicals or product ingredients have no available public information, or a manufacturer is unable to publicly identify an ingredient due to proprietary registration. Products may potentially contain Red List chemicals, which, if identified, will be highlighted in orange.  
  • Declared – This base level of transparency, while revealing a product’s ingredients, will nevertheless contain some Red List ingredients, which will also be highlighted in orange.   

We are delighted to announce the following Australian Made products have achieved the highest possible Red List Free Certification:  

  • SDN Carpet Tiles & Planks (on Enviro Bac® and Enviro Bac Plus®) 
  • Designer Jet® Carpet Tiles & Planks (on Enviro Bac® and Enviro Bac Plus®) 
  • Designer Jet® Carpet (on Action Bac®) 
  • Designer Jet® Carpet (on Health Bac®) 

Manufactured locally, these products are all PVC, BPA and Phthalate free.   

Learn more about Declare and our other Product Certifications here.  



Authored date: 11/05/2021