On the 12th of October 2023 we were thrilled to host our Design Discussion Event at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) in Brisbane. The night entailed a mix of intriguing discussions, inspiring art installations and networking opportunities for our interior design and architect community. This evening was designed to foster connections and bring industry professionals together, whilst exploring the challenges and opportunities around participatory design. 

We were honoured to begin the night with a private viewing of the ‘Gone Fishing’ exhibition and be joined by graduate of the National Gallery of Australia’s Indigenous Arts Fellowship program, and curator of ‘Gone Fishing’, Katina Davidson where she took us through the creation of ‘Gone Fishing’ and the meaning behind the exhibition. Drawn from the QAGOMA Collection, ‘Gone Fishing’ presents Indigenous Australian artists’ works that affirm this cultural, social and recreational activity. Alongside the display of fish traps, spears, nets and depictions of leisure, the exhibition also showcases works responding to discussions of rising and warming seas, water contamination, and the struggles faced by Traditional Owners to continue to care for their sea Country.

We then invited our guests to be seated in the elegant River Lounge space within QAGOMA that boasts views over the Brisbane River that were illuminated by the city lights. Claire Beale, Head of Learning at the Design Institute of Australia joined us to moderate our evening of in-depth discussion. Claire currently works with the Design Institute of Australia teams to deliver programming that enables designers to continue their own professional learning and share their expertise. Discussion surrounding the importance of participatory design and the relevant limitations was undertaken within each group which uncovered a range of individual insights that illustrated the breadth of experience within the room. Inspiring discussion flowed throughout the night alongside an expertly crafted two course meal that showcases the best fresh local produce. 

Claire then formed a panel comprised of a mix of individuals from different regions across Australia where all those in attendance where able to listen in on the differing learnings of individuals in relation to the discussion topic. With Claire’s own extensive experience within the design field led an authoritative discussion that embraced all experiences within the room. Thank you to all of those who attended and contributed towards such distinguished and impactful discussions!