At GH Commercial, we are committed to safeguarding the planet for generations to come. As part of our mission, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Trees That Count.

This incredible environment charity is helping to plant millions of native trees throughout New Zealand.

By supporting Trees That Count, we are proud to play our part in the restoration of native bush, waterways, and combatting climate change. Through our Native Collection, we donate a portion of our proceeds to help plant more native trees across Aotearoa. Join us in our efforts to protect the future of our planet. Check out our current projects and the impact your support can make.

To date GH Commercial has donated 500 native trees estimated to remove approximately 114 tonnes of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere over 50 years.

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Transform your next project into a force for good by selecting our Native Collection carpet range. With every purchase, you'll be supporting the Tree That Counts cause and actively contributing to the planting of more trees. Let's create a beautiful space together while also making a positive impact on the environment!

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Committed to Climate - Trees That Count

Authored date: 11/04/2023