Taking real climate action as an organisation means voluntarily going above and beyond current regulations to achieve net zero carbon emissions. At GH Commercial, we do. Godfrey Hirst Australia has achieved Climate Active Carbon Neutral organisation status and are proud to be the first Australian carpet manufacturer to do so. Furthermore, Godfrey Hirst New Zealand is also now a carbon neutral organisation1.

The Australian government program Climate Active recognises businesses that take voluntary climate action to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions. Godfrey Hirst Australia’s Climate Active membership and certified carbon neutral organisation status demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and industry leadership to drive genuine change.

One carbon offsetting project we have supported is the Hubei Duhe Pankou Hydropower Plant in China, located on the Du River, in Zhushan Country, northwest of Hubei Province, China2.  A factor in our decision to support this project was the fact that several of our hard flooring suppliers are located in China. Utilising water resources of the Du River and delivering an annual average of 1,105,800 MWh of electricity to the Central China Power Grid, this project upholds the UN Sustainability Development Goal of taking urgent climate action. Local electricity demand was previously supplied by the Hubei Grid, comprised predominantly of non-renewable coal power plants. This hydropower plant has a total installed capacity of 500MW and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases by replacing traditional thermal power with renewable hydropower. 

1 Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd and Godfrey Hirst NZ Ltd are ‘carbon neutral’ organisations.  This means that those entities purchase and voluntarily retire carbon offsets equivalent to their annual carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from sources within their organisational boundary.  For New Zealand, organisational GHG emissions are accounted for in accordance with ISO14064-3:2018.  For Australia, organisational GHG emissions are accounted for, and carbon neutral status is certified, in accordance with the requirements of Climate Active.
2 https://cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/DB/JACO1340762224.99/view

Authored date: 01/01/2023