We are excited to be partnering with Dowel Jones in their longest exhibition to date, ‘Ten Years of Dowel Jones’ at the National Wool Museum from the 26th of July to 24th of November 2024. This exhibition celebrates the Dowel Jones story, sharing their journey from university classmates to a small furniture studio and now an international design house. 

Dowel Jones

The first ten years of Dowel Jones  has seen founders Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman build a reputation for design that is defiantly democratic, and their staunchly unique pieces have swept awards and built a cult-like following across the globe. On Australian shores, Dowel Jones are recognised for their commitment to local design and their proclivity for collaboration, where the creative process is just as integral as the end result. 

Dowel Jones is known for its unique and authentic designs, ranging from vibrant to conceptual. Collaborating with local brands and makers, they have fostered a community committed to extraordinary creativity, elevating Australian design globally. Their work exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in contemporary design.

Celebrating Design + Local + Manufacturing

The upcoming exhibition at the National Wool Museum shines a spotlight on the collaborations that Dowel Jones have forged paying homage to their penchant for the local with installations and collaborations that explore the magic of modern-day craftsmanship. With Dowel Jones holding the importance of local manufacturing close to the heart of their business they also see benefits of reduced transport impact upon the environment. This exhibition shares our values of championing local manufacturing and design and proudly highlights a range of collaborations that continue to design and manufacture locally in Australia. 

“As time goes on it seems less and less furniture companies are interested in doing this, so we feel it's important that we continue to. We set out 10 years ago to offer Australian made furniture and lighting, and thankfully next month we'll be able to celebrate 10 years of achieving this.” - Dale Hardiman, Dowel Jones Co-Founder.

‘Ten Years of Dowel Jones’ Exhibition

Here at GH Commercial we are proud to be a part of this exhibition and collaborate with Dowel Jones on a unique suspended carpet-art piece as well as a range of custom flooring. This custom-art piece is an extension of the Dowel Jones ‘Never Grow Up’ bench which is in the National Gallery of Victoria permanent collection. In creating the work, Dowel Jones partnered with MoPA (Museum of Play and Art) where over a one month period 648 children drew self-portraits, which will be brought to life by our Designer Jet® technology. 

“The use of the carpet within the space originated from producing the MoPA Portrait work. GH Commercial offered an amazing process to print the 600+ hand drawn portraits from the kids of MoPA directly onto the 10 metre long roll of carpet. This collaboration also inspired us to print custom carpet for the flooring to really enhance and encapsulate the Dowel Jones experience and identity… and thankfully working with the GH Commercial team we've been able to bring that vision to life.” – Dale Hardiman, Dowel Jones Co-Founder.

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Authored date: 25/06/2024