Our commitment to our planet extends beyond just products and processes: it’s how we challenge ourselves to do and be better every day, how we make decisions, how we reinvest in our people and our planet, and how we define what matters most as we work to deliver value for generations to come.

Drawing on over 150 years of manufacturing, backed by a strong heritage, we proudly operate four carpet manufacturing facilities, three yarn processing facilities, 10 distribution centres, and 14 sales offices across Australia and New Zealand where we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through careful and responsible resource management and the continued investment in new technology to improve our processes.


As a part of this manufacturing process, we are always looking for ways that we can continuously improve our operations, including to be more energy efficient. Consistent with this philosophy, we have recently taken steps to improve our compressed air usage onsite because the generation of compressed air requires significant amounts of energy. Compressed air is used throughout our manufacturing processes to power a range equipment from pneumatic cylinders to actuated valves and pumps throughout the plant. In order to improve the use of compressed air within our operations and ultimately reduce our energy consumption, we have commenced a project to better monitor the use of compressed air, identify and reduce leakages in air systems.