Investing in innovation and technology are the hallmarks of GH Commercial, and when it comes to improving existing systems and processes our commitment to excellence is continually at the forefront. Our continued devotion to grow our capabilities and in turn our technological efficiencies ensure that we here at GH Commercial are able to continue to provide flooring solutions for a wide range of projects and designs.

The multi-million-dollar upgrade of our Breakwater plan in Geelong, has increased local manufacturing capacity and houses the entire global suite of GH Commercial carpet tile and plank products. We are proud to continue to invest in local manufacturing facilities and continue to promote growth of local jobs.

A faster carpet tile and plank press, a slick conveyor belt system and two robotic pallet loading arms, has enhanced our ability to meet the rising demand across our core brands of Mohawk Group, Feltex and Godfrey Hirst.

Along with existing metric tile and plank dimensions, GH Commercial can manufacture imperial size products. The larger format allowing for greater versatility of design formats along with more immersive and technologically advanced designs.

Our range of tile sizes includes:

Additionally, a fully automated box maker, constructs cardboard packaging from 100% recycled materials and can accommodate the varying carpet tile sizes across all of our brands.

These upgrades to the production plant result in faster and more efficient product delivery, while still keeping to the utmost highest standards of safety, environmental protection, and sustainable manufacturing processes ensuring the viability of GH Commercial into the future.

  • 250 x 1000mm
  • 500 x 500mm
  • 304.8 x 914.4mm (12 x 36 inch)
  • 609.6 x 609.6mm (24 x 24 inch)

Carpet Tile plant in production

Authored date: 13/05/2021