Together, we are stronger. Here at GH Commercial we have come together with Dreamtime Flooring to create a partnership that is a first of its kind and distinctive within the Oceanic region. GH Commercial and Dreamtime Flooring bringing First Nations artists work to life in a distinctive alliance unlike any other.

Dreamtime Flooring is a 100% Indigenous owned flooring business that aims to provide the missing link connecting culture, artwork, and flooring. Josh Haddock the Managing Director of Dreamtime Flooring is a proud Yorta Yorta man raised in Morwell, Victoria on Gunai Kurnai Country, Josh wanted to create a business that celebrated Indigenous culture through flooring while engaging with other Indigenous owned businesses, helping to streamline income back into Indigenous communities.

With over 150 years manufacturing experience, we wanted to take our learnings as a business, and share our knowledge across manufacturing, sales and our wider business with Josh, and his team of flooring experts, to help further Dreamtime Flooring’s success. The partnership model flips the traditional method where ultimately sales are kept with Dreamtime Flooring, which ensures that growth is kept with an 100% Indigenous owned business, creating a unique model that is unlike any other within the current industry.

“Partnering with GH Commercial has been an incredible journey, developing from two very different business dynamics that through time and understanding created the building blocks to pave the road towards a real partnership”. - Joshua Haddock, Managing Director of Dreamtime Flooring

“We are here to break the mould as a large corporate business. Our goal is to build on a foundation of collaboration and as the Dreamtime Flooring x GH Commercial partnership continues, each respective business grows and creates a stronger community of businesses, artists and support for social needs around our country.” – Joel Williamson, National Commercial Sales Manager, GH Commercial.

Here at GH Commercial we are excited to work with Dreamtime Flooring and to continue support their growth to continue to be the leading partnership within this space as well as continuing the inspiring changes that Dreamtime Flooring are influencing with the Indigenous community. In 2024 we are taking our partnership with Dreamtime Flooring and launching our official product collaboration!

Together, bringing First Nations artists work to life.

A shift from mere business strategies to heartfelt responsibility

“This partnership represents the evolution of GH Commercial. A shift from mere business strategies to heartfelt responsibility. For me, it’s a hope that this step forward ripples across the corporate world, awakening others to the richness of First Nations cultures and appropriate engagement.” - Joshua Haddock, Managing Director of Dreamtime Flooring

Dreamtime Flooring Collection

Who is Dreamtime Flooring?

For generations, Indigenous people have shared culture through stories and artwork. At Dreamtime Flooring, Indigenous heritage is drawn from to celebrate this rich culture through the flooring medium in the hopes of preserving those stories for our future generations. Dreamtime Flooring further meet procurement expectations by offering unique flooring products available for acquisition for projects through their 100% Indigenous owned and Supply Nation certified business and overall work to create culturally safe spaces.

Dreamtime’s mission is to facilitate the installation of artistic flooring products in as many buildings as possible to enable current and future generations to see Aboriginal ancestry and culture with a particular focus on public buildings: Government, council, schools, libraries and galleries. The significance of working with Indigenous owned businesses is further recognised through current procurement targets set for major government and corporate decision makers. These targets are supported by the Indigenous Procurement Policy which is a national policy that aims to increase the purchasing rate with Indigenous enterprises, as well as stimulating Indigenous economic development, which aims to further support the wider community.

Dreamtime Flooring’s intention is not only focused around sharing their culture with generations to come but also to create culturally safe places and engage future generations with employment opportunities, apprenticeships, and traineeships, as they believe it is a vital step into raising a talented, educated Indigenous community with the footprints to walk towards the future. Dreamtime Flooring proudly support On-Country Pathways a not-for-profit organisation that aims to mentor and empower First Nations youth through their employment and career pathways programs aiming to create generational change. Dreamtime Flooring donate a percentage of their own profits from every square metre of flooring product sold towards On-Country Pathways and their initiatives.

In 2022 Dreamtime Flooring alongside GH Commercial and BYNM Indigenous Designs were awarded ‘The Best Collaboration Award’ by the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce in Victoria. This award speaks to the astounding work and contributions Dreamtime Flooring had made within their first year of operation. Now in 2023 Dreamtime Flooring are proudly the first Indigenous Kinaway Corporate Partner which further conveys their significant growth over the past 2 years as a business.

Dreamtime Flooring
Authored date: 27/10/2023