Godfrey Hirst and GH Commercial are proud supporters of PNG Foundation, an organisation that provides Kamea people in remote Papua New Guinea access to health, education, and infrastructure.

The PNG Foundation aims to provide primary healthcare access for all Kameas, improve nutrition status, improve hospital buildings and implement an effective vaccination program to prevent communicable diseases. They believe that education is the foundation for children to reach their full potential. Their aim is to improve school infrastructure and provide access to supplies, electricity and communication.

Every year, PNG Foundation welcomes volunteer health and other professionals from Australia to visit Kanabea. These skilled individuals, including doctors, nurses and allied health workers, provide valuable services to the clinic and outposts. Additionally, other professionals such as plumbers, painters, and carpenters have also contributed by renovating existing buildings. School supplies were donated to the Kanabea primary school and cement for 2 additional classrooms.

Authored date: 01/01/2024