In pursuit of celebrating artists with disabilities in the Oceanic region, our Social Canvas Collection is proud to support genU’s Arts Programme by providing an annual donation. genU is an organisation that is driven to ensure everyone’s lives are happier and healthier, especially people with disabilities, the ageing and those experiencing disadvantage. 

Originally founded in Geelong as a play-centre for children with disability in 1952, genU services and support have greatly expanded over their 70+ year history.

Today, they are a team of 3600 employees and volunteers across 169 locations across Australia. They are also profit-for-purpose and committed to reinvesting surpluses into services to promote inclusion in the community. Through their Arts Programme, genU offer day programs across five locations, James Street Gallery studio and further diverse community art programs. 

This donation supports James Street Gallery by providing a soundscape element to support their upcoming exhibition RISE, at the Geelong Gallery. The James Street gallery provides artists experiencing disability access to studio use, their mission is to provide a welcoming and accessible studio for artists with disabilities. Since 1997, they have supported local and studio artists in more than 140 exhibitions. 

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The RISE exhibition features a collaborative installation created by the various artists from genU’s, James Street Gallery and Eastern Hub Studio located in Geelong. The totemic structures are created from paper mache and individually express each artist’s unique markings. The exhibition enables each artist to showcase their own individual creativity whilst presenting amongst other artist’s works as a whole. The structural whole signifies a community that can rise through mutual support while celebrating and encouraging diversity.

At GH Commercial, our commitment to our planet extends beyond just products and processes: it’s how we challenge ourselves to do and be better every day, how we make decisions, how we reinvest in our people and our planet, and how we define what matters most as we work to deliver value for generations to come. We work to partner with local and global community initiatives that strive to improve lives where our team members, customers, and stakeholders live and work in order to contribute back to the communities that we operate within.

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Authored date: 02/10/2023