We’re doing better together, to turn waste into new products.

Striving for better, GH Commercial and Godfrey Hirst are on a journey to achieving a circular economy, by repurposing and recycling end-of-life flooring products. We’re always looking for new ways to reduce what we send to landfill.

Geelong based company GT Recycling, supported by Deakin University, approached Godfrey Hirst with the idea of recycling pre-consumer carpet waste and turning it into an innovative recycled reinforced concrete product. Eager to assist, we offered our carpet waste and industry knowledge to assist in the development of the concept product - FibreCrete.

No Time to Waste

Godfrey Hirst’s manufacturing factories already recycle much of its pre-consumer waste, there was previously no waste stream for unbacked Triexta carpet or fibre. Unlike polypropylene and solution dyed nylon, which can be repolymerised, there is less demand for the partially biobased fibre of Triexta.

We provided GT Recycling with our Triexta waste carpet to help them develop their concept and in conjunction with specialist researchers at Deakin University and Local Mix Concrete in Moolap, they created GT FibreCrete.

Local Manufacturing

New Products, New Prospects

GT FibreCrete is an innovative Carpet Fibre Reinforced Concrete (CFRC), that uses the fibre of carpet waste instead of reinforced steel mesh, often known as ‘reo’. The carpet offers a strong and sustainable solution to replace the steel mesh in concrete products. 

Currently in research and development, GT FibreCrete has been successfully trialled on high traffic industrial driveways and proved highly resilient against cracks when compared to plain concrete. Future applications of CFRC are likely to include residential driveways, footpaths, cycle paths and industrial hardstand areas.

GH Commercial doing better together

An Australian First

“This collaboration has successfully proven the suitability and benefits of this new product innovation, and we believe that a new and Australian first product has been established”.
"GT Recycling has taken a previously non-recyclable waste problem… to deliver a sustainable recycling solution for Australia’s largest carpet manufacturer, whilst having a positive impact on the environment and reducing the volume of waste destined to landfill.” - Doug McLean, Business Advisor - GT Recycling.

Over the last 5 years, Godfrey Hirst have given 577,000 kgs of yarn and unbacked carpet waste to GT Recycling who convert this post-industrial waste onto injection moulded products such as waste bins, plant pots and more. Godfrey Hirst are proud to have joined GT Recycling and Deakin University to help develop another truly local solution to a global problem.

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Authored date: 11/08/2022