As an Australian and New Zealand manufacturer, we actively work towards reducing our environmental footprint across our infrastructure and facilities. We strive to improve processes and seek to source and develop local solutions to this global issue under our sustainability vision, Believe in Better.

Large factory and warehouse facilities generally require a sizeable system for lighting. These systems can result in a significant energy drain so, with that in mind, we upgraded our lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lights.

Between late 2021 and early 2023, we have replaced approximately 75% of the lights at our Plant 5 and Melbourne Logistics sites and our South Geelong and Breakwater sites with higher-efficiency LED models. This was achieved through the LED Light Replacement/Upgrade under the Victorian Energy Upgrades rebate program.

The light fittings replaced included high-bay units in production and warehousing areas, as well as 4-foot battens, some oyster-style lights in bathrooms and small offices, and some panel-style fittings in office areas. Exit lights were also replaced at Plant 5 with an LED version.

The new fittings include programable features such as motion sensors, light level sensors and automatic timer-off functions to allow us to configure the operation of the light fittings to suit the environment and application – maximising energy savings.

Multi Site Energy Savings

Summary of work completed:

Plant 5, North Geelong
310 High Bay Fittings replaced
1750 Batten Fittings replaced
120 Panel Fittings replaced
50 Exit Light Fittings replaced
20 Oyster Fittings replaced
Estimated energy savings ~ 150MWh/ann

Melb.Logistics, Laverton North
200 High Bay Fittings replaced
100 Batten Fittings replaced
50 Panel Fittings replaced
Estimated energy savings ~ 36MWh/ann

Factories Road, South Geelong
400 High Bay Fittings replaced
760 Batten Fittings replaced
Estimated energy savings ~ 80MWh/ann

Fellmongers Road, Breakwater
150 High Bay Fittings replaced
410 Batten Fittings replaced
Estimated energy savings ~ 40MWh/ann  

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Authored date: 05/04/2023