Lorena Gaxiola is an internationally acclaimed interior architect and designer renowned for her expertise in creating bespoke spaces that add value to any project. With over two decades of experience, Lorena has worked across Europe, the US, Australia, and China, making her well-versed in global market trends. Based in Sydney, Lorena leads a team of multifaceted female creatives dedicated to offering clients a holistic approach, combining conceptual architecture, interior designs, product development and branding to deliver a client-centric service.

Lorena's journey into the world of architecture and design unfolded naturally, driven by her profound fascination with the art of creating and shaping spaces. With her family's architectural and construction background and her collaborative work with her husband in building and development, Lorena has always been fully immersed in this field. As the years passed, her influence expanded beyond her immediate circle, encompassing a network of friends and colleagues in the arts. This diverse influence played a pivotal role in shaping Lorena's design philosophy, which she perceives not merely as a profession, but as an expression of her identity and the realization of her life's purpose.

Lorena first came into contact with GH Commercial when working on a custom hospitality project. This project required bespoke custom carpet for installation in the corridors of a 47-storey building.

“When I was first looking at what was available in the market, I looked at vendors from overseas. The builder however, wanted me to work with GH Commercial, because they really wanted to deliver on time and on budget and that’s what GH Commercial is known for.” – Lorena Gaxiola

Introducing the Lorena Gaxiola + Feltex Collection

She explained that the reason why she wanted to create a carpet collection is because she has always struggled to find readily available designs that implement vibrant colour and texture within their designs to meet her design briefs.

“Reaching out to GH Commercial, we presented to them the concept of collaborating on a carpet collection and for them to react so excited about the idea, it has been incredible.” – Lorena Gaxiola.

The meticulously curated collection of carpet prints takes inspiration from Lorena Gaxiola's rich heritage. Drawing upon her cultural background and influences, she skilfully infuses her artwork with profound messages of positivity, celebrating the beauty of diversity and unity. Inspired by her deep fascination and expertise in architecture, each design is a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function. The outcome is a remarkable fusion of skilful craftsmanship and artistic expression, creating a captivating tapestry that not only pleases the eye but also tells a story of passion, creativity and cultural appreciation.

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In collaboration with GH Commercial

Lorena and her team worked closely with Karoline Halloran our Design Manager and our in-house design team to bring her designs to life on carpet. Utilising our Designer Jet® carpet technology, our team were able to work alongside Lorena to develop carpets that carry a wide range of colour depth.

"Working with Lorena and her team to help bring their design ideas to life in carpet format has been really exciting. It’s been great to feed from each other in the world of design with teams that have a vision and understanding of decorative spaces. Lorena and her team have been keen on learning the processes and parameters in creating an artistic flooring field which has made the collaboration flow with ease.” – Karoline Halloran, GH Commercial Design Manager

"GH Commercial bring their printing expertise. We have worked very closely with their design team to create amazing carpets. Their machines can print unlimited colour gradients – so the possibilities are really exciting." - Lorena Gaxiola

“GH Commercial’s Designer Jet® technology allows my carpet designs to have their intended depth. Now we can truly reach so many more people and give them so many more options by GH Commercial giving end users the option to customise these designs to the colours that they are looking for.”

Karoline our Design Manager touched on how this collection is well-created for commercial interiors specifically within the hospitality sector. Lorena’s expertise within the hospitality space is reflected in the product designs with fresh and vibrant patterns and colourways.

Custom Carpet - Designer Jet
Authored date: 04/09/2023