Lorena Gaxiola + Gallies have partnered with the Feltex design team to bring an entirely new concept of floor coverings and fashion-inspired carpet designs to life. Drawing from a diverse range of creative disciplines, this exclusive collection is set to add vibrancy and life to any space.


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The result is a captivating combination of unique, artful pieces and gentle movements that come together in a curated series of prints that can be used to create either subdued or vibrant atmospheres within any commercial interior.


"Crafting self-identity through unique floor coverings & fashion-inspired carpet designs." - Lorena Gaxiola, Interior Architect and Designer

Lorena Gaxiola + Feltex Collection Launch

We were thrilled to hold our Lorena Gaxiola + Feltex Collection launch event at the Lorena Gaxiola + Gallies showroom in Sydney on the 14th of September 2023. This event was a fantastic opportunity to share this bespoke collection with the design community and to celebrate the inspiring work of our design teams in creating such an uplifting range.

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About Lorena Gaxiola

Lorena Gaxiola + Gallies is an international interior design firm that specialises in the creation of bespoke, high-quality interiors. Led by Lorena, an acclaimed interior architect and designer with over two decades of experience, the team consists of a group of multidisciplinary creatives who are dedicated to offering clients a holistic approach by combining conceptual architecture, interior designs, product development and branding.

The team also adds art direction and photography to its repertoire, allowing them to create truly unique store environments for their clients. Their art direction includes digital art as well as hand-painted works that can be used to inject life into any space. They also offer expertly crafted print and graphics elements that bring together different styles and mediums such as painting and photography.

Lorena Gaxiola

Lorena Gaxiola x Feltex Collection behind the scenes

Lorena Gaxiola x Feltex Collection

"I feel a profound connection between artwork and its surroundings. The collection is meant to bring a message to a room. A piece of art on the floor." - Lorena Gaxiola, Interior Architect and Designer

Lorena Gaxiola + Gallies have created an entirely new concept of floor coverings and fashion-inspired carpets capturing the unique beauty of of modern fashion and design. This collection ranges from subtle, yet eye-catching pieces to vibrant, bold artworks that can bring any interior to life.

What sets Lorena's approach apart is her holistic vision of combining colours, materials, textures and shapes into one harmonious composition. She has a passion for creating meaningful out-of-the-box solutions that are designed with longevity in mind. Through her direction, the team has been able to craft beautiful works that can stand the test of time.

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Authored date: 27/09/2023