Celebrating International Women’s Day, Wednesday 8th March 2023, Lee Carney our Chief People Officer, speaks about what International Women’s Day means to her.

"I kind of see this as twofold. I see International Women’s Day as not only an important opportunity to celebrate the awesome achievements of women across community, Government, corporate or sport but probably of greater interest, is the chance to reflect on our progress to date.  How do we stack up against our commitments to improving gender equity or promoting women in sport or addressing violence and abuse against women." - Lee Carney, Chief People Officer

Lee can be seen wearing a limited edition HIGH TEES print t-shirt featuring a hand drawn design by HIGH TEES Founder Jess of Vivienne Westwood. HIGH TEES is a local business in Melbourne close to where Lee is located that also manufactures locally. These t-shirts are made of 100% traceable organic cotton and are certified Child Labour Free. Lee spoke to the importance of supporting local businesses and celebrating female icons.

Lee speaks about her journey of raising two kids, whilst also building a fantastic career. Her previous leaders have advocated for a great home life with family and friends whilst also nurturing her to flourish professionally. She highlights how she sees the most important quality in a leader is ‘keeping it real’ and how this authenticity and vulnerability can make an excellent leader. Lee discusses how impactful it is to share mutual experiences of vulnerability with other women in her life, inspiring them to break down habits of self-criticism.

In relation to gender equity in the workplace, Lee outlines the significant shift that see has seen in her career. 

“Organisational leaders, not just HR folk, are driving the change they want to see, which is exciting.”

Lee speaks about the importance of a continual focus on gender equity in the workplace. 

“It’s about businesses getting better at appointing people who understand the benefits of a culturally rich and diverse workforce, regardless of gender, that is the key to bringing these changes to life.”

Although there is a tendency to introduce large sweeping change, Lee believes simple adjustments can be just as meaningful. 

“For example, do your policies and procedures use gender neutral language? Do you have a flexible work options? Do you pay people equally for the same work, regardless of gender? These are fairly simple but instrumental ways in which an organisation can demonstrate their support for gender equity.”

Authored date: 15/03/2023