We were proud take part in the Carpet Baggers 2023 charity golf day again this year and provided a donation to support this year’s charity Supertee that operates under the Fair Fight Foundation. Supertee have created medical garments for hospitalised children in Australia that not only make medical care easier but brighten up the days of each child with their superhero patterns. Supertee have already delivered more than 8,000 tees to children in need across Australia and are supported by over 200 volunteers. The event was a great success and raised an overall $15,000 which will be donated to Supertee to continue to provide Supertees to children in need across Australia.

Here at GH Commercial supporting local charities, such as Supertees, is an important part of how we strive to do better and invest in local communities. As part of our Believe in Better® framework we challenge ourselves to continue to reinvest in our people and surrounding communities, and how we define what matters most as we work to deliver value for generations to come. In supporting local charities through donations, we strive to help grow local initiatives such as the important work that Supertees undertake to support sick children and their families, and to aid these programs in continuing to support those in need.

Authored date: 13/07/2023