Doing Better Together is a fundamental pillar of GH Commercial’s sustainable practices. Through a raft of company and staff enterprises, both big and small, our commitment to support our planet and ‘Believe in Better®’ is a practice that we are constantly striving towards. 

We are proud to have partnered with Take 3 For the Sea in tandem with the launch of our premium Oceanic Collection. This global organisation promotes the simple activism of removing three pieces of rubbish from our beaches, waterways and greens spaces to assist with cleaning up our oceans. Their education programs have inspired a global movement of people invested in a healthier planet.  

On the 17th of March 2023 GH Commercial and the wider Godfrey Hirst organisation held our largest Take 3 for the Sea beach clean up event to date! This now being our third beach clean-up event in as many years, as well as continuing to be an official supporter of Take 3 for the Sea, we are proud to get behind such an important organisation. 
In only one hour, our 31-person strong GH Commercial team along with Take 3 for the Sea representatives collected 1,657 litter items weighing 7kg altogether. Working to remove this litter from our environment helps to protect our animals, ecosystems, and oceans. 

Take 3 from the Sea shows us how we can take simple actions to address the problem – like taking three pieces of rubbish when you leave a waterway. Our team has walked away from this annual day knowing every one of us can make a difference.

Authored date: 13/04/2023