Selecting the right flooring within senior living and health care spaces can be critical to ensuring the safety, wellbeing and comfort of patients and healthcare workers. With frequent high traffic activity with persistent wheeled traffic through many zones, installing the ideal hygienic flooring solution is important.

Impervious Carpet Backing for Hygiene 

Maintaining a hygienic environment is crucial in healthcare settings. Impervious carpet backing acts as a barrier against moisture and contaminants, assisting with bio contaminant control and preventing damage to the sub-floor. Our Health Bac® impervious backing is 100% PVC and BPA free and is designed to withstand the demands of health and aged care facilities as it prevents liquid spills from penetrating the carpet pooling on the subfloor, preventing the growth of bacteria and mould.

Slip Resistance for Safety

In environments where slip hazards such as liquid spills and leaks are prevalent, preventing falling injuries is paramount. Opting for slip-resistant flooring is a crucial step to mitigate these risks. Carpets, known for their inherently non-slip surface, play a pivotal role in reducing the incidence of falls. Health Bac® impervious backing further works to by containing liquid spills, significantly reducing the risks associated with slips.

Maximising Patient Comfort

Patient comfort is a top priority in healthcare and senior living facilities. Soft flooring, particularly cushion-backed carpet tiles work to enhance underfoot comfort. Our cushion backed carpet tiles made with our Enviro Bac Plus® can be strategically placed in common areas like waiting spaces and other 'dry zones' to provide a welcoming and comforting environment for patients and visitors.

Fatigue Reduction for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare professionals spend a considerable amount of time on their feet, which can lead to fatigue and discomfort. The installation of Enviro Bac Plus® cushion-backed carpet tiles can not only benefit patient comfort but also contribute to reducing the fatigue experienced by healthcare workers. This flooring choice provides a supportive surface for prolonged standing and can help to positively impact the well-being of the staff.

Browse our range of impervious backed healthcare carpets  today or create your own custom carpet with our Designer Jet®  technology and add our Health Bac® impervious backing for your next healthcare or senior living project!

Authored date: 10/01/2024